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The Connection between Cricket and Structural Engineering Consulting

There is no doubt about it, the Cricket World Cup, British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and Women’s World Cup Football provided thrilling entertainment in July. These great sporting events attract huge crowds, but what is the connection to structural engineering consulting?

The answer is the sporting venues.

With expansive capacity, it is vital that stadiums are built, expanded and maintained with structural integrity. Nothing beats the atmosphere and thrill of watching sports at the venue, but stadium structures have to be sufficiently robust to safely support the huge crowds. Offering engineering services, RWA Consulting has been involved in annual safety checks for a number of sports stadiums.

Engineering a Sports Stadium

In order to host a world-class sporting event, the performance of the venue is as important as the performance of each athlete. The stadium must fulfil many functions; not least, it has to provide the right facilities for sporting professionals, their support teams and spectators. The venue has to be safe, well-equipped and easy to maintain. It has to be considerate of its impact on the local community and surrounding infrastructure as well as the environment.

Modern stadiums also need to be sufficiently adaptable to be a venue for multiple events, as diversification is often a means of income generation. When working on the structural design, it is important to consider all of these elements, as well as the other requirements that may be presented by our clients in the brief.

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Safety Inspections During Stadium Building

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At relevant points during and post construction, our structural engineering team is able to offer services including safety inspections. When structural engineering challenges arise, we can be called up to find viable solutions. RWA Consulting are involved in the annual safety checks for a number of local stadiums. Our aim is to provide prompt services to all clients. We love to see the project complete and the stadium in use, as much as they do.

Many of our team enjoy spending leisure time at sporting events. Through August, we will be watching the Ashes, racing at Goodwood, Rugby Union fixtures and the start of the Premier League, to name but a few. Whilst focused on the success of the teams, we will readily admit that our attention can be diverted away from the pitch. On occasions, we might be spotted checking out the structures that surround us in the stadium!

Local Structural Engineering Consulting

Based in Buckinghamshire, RWA Consulting has provided responsive structural and civil engineering consulting services for building projects across the South East. Alongside stadium inspections, we work with architects and building developers on high-end residential properties as well as hotel groups on multiple sites. Our building services include sustainable project management, engineering consultancy or undertaking a structural survey of a completed project.

If you need local civil/structural consultancy for your development project, we invite you to get in touch with our Wendover based engineering team on 01296 624924 to arrange an initial meeting, where we can share our expertise.