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Structural and Civil Engineering Consulting as Lockdown is Lifted

Our usual civil engineering consulting involve regular site visits, but the situation changed in March. In a bid to keep our team and clients safe, we set up remote working systems. We are proud of the dedication shown by our structural engineers. They adapted quickly and continue to apply their engineering skills to drawings, calculations and reports to support the progress of domestic and commercial construction.

The lockdown period has had a noticeable impact on the construction industry. Following guidance from the Construction Leadership Council, many projects were able to continue. With the latest Government announcement that safe distancing is now 1 meter, the fifth version of this guidance is again under review.

Like many other industries, construction has taken a hit through the lockdown. There have been some advantages too. As an example, reduced traffic has been opportune for engineering works. We can honestly say that the demand for our engineering design services has been as busy as ever. We have helped to keep building projects on track during these testing times.

Looking forward, there are many positive civil and structural engineering opportunities in the pipeline. Now is the time to support the construction industry to bounce back.

National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline

The Government has committed to investment in UK infrastructure, with particular emphasis on transforming performance. They are focused on zero-carbon solutions and modern construction methods for the 260 projects and programmes which have been detailed in the National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline.

Alongside new builds, this long-term plan includes engineering inspections, engineering consultancy and the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Within London and the South East (the area served by RWA Consulting), several construction and infrastructure projects are listed. These include school building, the Lower Thames Crossing and a research facility for the National Fusion Technology Platform. 

Whether our involvement is in a Pipeline project or working with our established contacts, our design team looks forward to being involved in upcoming engineering projects.

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Modern Construction Methods

Could Modular Buildings Be Favoured Post Covid-19? Whilst pre-fabricated construction is far from a new concept, the potential of off-site construction has grown. Advances in materials, process and quality standards make modular construction a viable alternative to traditional build methods on many sites.

Renowned for rapid installation on-site, prefabricated building materials include structural steel, cross-laminated timber and pre-cast concrete. They are typically manufactured in panels of a standard dimension. This enables different elements to be assembled with relative ease.

Our structural engineers consider modular buildings as a solution to site restrictions and when the priority is to keep local area disruption to a minimum. These are two reasons why this construction method is popular for providing additional buildings on school premises and hospital sites. This approach also brings advantages when project managing a rooftop renovation.

As some options are self-supporting structures, they can also be a viable option when digging foundations is impractical. This feature also makes them adaptable – they can be relocated as needs change.

Modular builds have always had the advantage of reducing the number of trades on-site at any one time. In the past, this has been recognised as a means of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. With the need for social distancing, there is now an added advantage of this construction method and we could see a rise in demand.

Local Structural Engineering Consultants

Located in Buckinghamshire and operating across London and the South East, RWA Consulting provides a range of civil and structural engineering services. We work on new builds, redevelopments, inspections and repairs. Contact us on 01296 624924 or to discuss your requirements with a design engineer.