Local Structural Engineer services in Buckinghamshire

Why do you need local structural engineers?

Structural engineers are an essential part of your construction or renovation project journey, helping you to keep high standards while saving time and money. They can provide advice on common structural issues such as subsidence, sagging rooflines and ceilings, and cracked or bulging walls. With their wealth of experience in developing effective structural systems for both small and large-scale projects, they are equipped to tackle any challenge with an innovative approach to design objectives and budget restrictions.

This is especially timely due to the ever-changing political situation leading to a sharp increase in material costs throughout the UK at present. Case in point, steel has seen a peak price per tonne of £700. For optimal guidance on how to handle these changes whilst ensuring value for money for your property’s maintenance or renovation requirements, employ the services of one of our quality structural engineers in Buckinghamshire.

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Domestic projects with local structural engineers

Structural alterations can be a complicated process and involve some significant changes to a property. To ensure the safety of such works, it is essential that specialist services are engaged in order to assist with understanding the scope, implications and technical details of any proposed alterations. Structural engineers are highly trained professionals who offer advice and guidance on all types of structural alterations, including extensions, loft conversions and more complex works such as bi-fold door installation or load-bearing wall removal.

Working alongside other key stakeholders within the project, structural engineers will produce beam calculations and roof calculations and perform load assessments that are tailored for each individual job in hand. Sounding out potential issues early on within a project's timeline will help ensure that works remain cost-effective, within budget and comply fully with relevant building regulations. Such instructions produced by the structural engineer should then be followed rigorously in order for the development to be a success from start to finish.

Structural engineering services

RWA Consulting has over 30 years of experience in engineering

The RWA Consulting office is based in Wendover, Buckinghamshire and offers a comprehensive range of structural engineering services to the local area. Whether it's a small, minor alteration or a large-scale commercial project, Robert Wallbank and his team of experienced, qualified engineers can offer expert advice and solutions. Structural alterations such as extensions, loft conversions and 'knock throughs' are included in the company's services, as well as Civil and Structural Engineering design for new build housing developments, bespoke new dwellings and barn conversions. Their detailed surveys and reports ensure they meet the requirements of surveyors, banks and insurers.

RWA Consulting prides itself on its commitment to providing high-quality services at competitive rates. With decades of experience between them, their qualified operatives can help you realise your vision with personalised support every step of the way. Drawing on modern techniques yet remaining true to traditional values ensures that any structure you have in mind will be given the best possible chance of success from start to finish. For all your structural engineering needs in Buckinghamshire, RWA Consulting should be your first choice.

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